The Kyolis team serves clients in both the public and private sectors for their fiber-optic network needs:

Groupe COLAS / Villeurbanne

«For the Villeurbanne video surveillance network, Kyolis created tailor-designed and made "All in Boxes" (IP67 with UPoE injector and SFP included for a 65 W industrial power supply).»
On this project, Kyolis' biggest challenge wasn't really technical. It was about successfully designing, producing and installing a new video protection network compatible with 2 existing heterogeneous networks and delivering it all with an extremely short lead time (3 weeks).
«Kyolis delivered on time and accompanied us from beginning to end - a big success!»
Julien Janin de AXIMUM
Groupe COLAS

Groupe SCOPELEC / Pau

«For the city of PAU, a veritable Smart City, we use Kyolis' 'All In Boxes', their SO32428M and SO362412MP Full Gigabit switches, and PoE/PoE+ switches SFP included.»
Alexandre BUVRY

Groupe NAUSIRIATECH / Savoie

«Finally! A partner who listens to us and is always there with innovative solutions for our clients' ever-evolving demands.»
Marc le ROY
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