Kyolis is an industry leader in engineering data transmission systems (data/images/sound) and optimizing fiber-optic, copper and coaxial cable transmission networks.

Kyolis designs, develops and manufactures advanced, lightening-speed transmission and sharing solutions for sound, images and data.

We offer a unique range of high-performance, robust and user-friendly products designed by an agile, human-scale team of specialists whose mission it is to understand your needs and accompany you through your fiber-optic projects.

Our team designs solutions to meet your specific fiber-optic transmission needs, from the smallest local to the most ambitious industrial-scale projects.

«However far away you may be geographically, we are by your side, accompanying you. Our clients are our partners and we are your team. You can always count on us! »

Thomas Eleaume, CEO, Kyolis


• Video surveillance
• Urban video protection systems
• Site and traffic surveillance systems
• Public network automation
• VDI networks (video, data, images)
• Smart City
• Access control, Interactive Terminals and Kiosks, Variable-message Signs (VMS)…
• IP Over Coax systems


• Smart City
• Site surveillance (manufacturing, nuclear energy, solar farms ...)
• Traffic surveillance (roads and highways, tunnels, subways ...)
• Public Event Space security and surveillance ( stadiums and arenas, amphitheaters, concert halls ...)
• Manufacturing (automated systems monitoring ...)
• Automated distribution systems (cash machines, tickets ...)
• Traffic light monitoring
• WIFI networks


«Just show us your network architecture and we will design a solution that meets your needs!»

Thomas Eleaume, CEO, Kyolis

Kyolis: intelligent solutions designed to make users' lives easier

Made in France (Savoyards and proud of it!)

Kyolis' products are designed in our workshop, located in France's beautiful Savoy alpine region. Savoy has been home to precision industries for centuries and is known as a wellspring of "Made in France" excellency. And, although we are located in the heart of the French Alps, you can find our products in fiber-optic networks across the globe!


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