«We offer you far more than just cutting edge, quality products - we use our expertise to develop the best solutions for your project and we are there to accompany you throughout the process.»

The Kyolis Team
Founded in 2010, Kyolis, the fiber optics specialist, chose to put down its roots in the heart of France's Savoy region. It is there, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Alps, that the Kyolis team has developed its unique savoir-faire. The team employs a full range of cutting-edge expertise to develop products that are both user-friendly and robust. Our products are designed to make it easier to operate your networks using fiber-optic solutions.

But Kyolis is far more than just products. Our real strength is our team: we know how to listen to you and understand your needs, and we accompany you through every step of a project, from design to implementation and follow-up.


Not just your standard techies … we are a team of fiber-optics wizards at your service!
Thomas Eleaume

Founder and business developer.

Thomas Eleaume’s savoir-faire is unearthing talent and developing productive technological alliances. He will travel the world to meet you.

Distinguishing characteristic: His strong personality!

Stéphane Manuse
Director of Technology

Engineer and Resident R&D Wiz

Stéphane designs Kyolis’ solutions and products. With experience both as an engineering consultant and in production, he always has the end-user’s needs in mind. That is how he came up with the idea for the Kyolis All-in-Box.

Distinguishing characteristic: Géo Trouvetou. A combination of MacGyver and Davy Crockett, Stéphane built his house all by himself.

Gérard Dumas-Robin
Sales Consultant

Our people person

Gérard is a seasoned professional who is in charge of sales and commercial development at Kyolis. He is a talented listener, extremely empathetic and always willing to share his experience and knowled.
Distinguishing characteristic: IHe is the author of a recently published book: « Les Loups Blancs » (The White Wolves).
Willy Bordonnat
Head of Production

Precision in all things

Willy transforms ideas into reality and manufactures our products.
Distinguishing characteristic: Meticulous and precise, as talented with a screwdriver as he is with a frying pan, Willy builds model airplanes in his spare time and is also the Kyolis kitchen’s official Chef.


1. Quality is central to our company's DNA
2. Our work ethic is based on mutual respect and listening skills
3. We work to constantly further innovation and efficiency
4. We meet our delivery deadlines!
5. We ensure total transparency regarding our subcontracting network
6. We are always improving and optimizing our production processes
In order to guarantee the security of our installers and end clients, Kyolis is covered by a comprehensive Professional Indemnity insurance policy, for its designs and the products its manufactures.

Made in France (Savoyards and proud of it!)

Kyolis' products are designed in our workshop, located in France's beautiful Savoy alpine region. You can find our products in fiber-optic networks across the globe.

We respect the confidential nature of your data

We respect the confidential nature of your data and your project from conception to implementation.


Kyolis is a human-scale company with close ties to the local business community
The Kyolis team has built close ties to the local community and its stakeholders and we work regularly with partners in sectors related to our activities.
«Our teams are in direct communication with Kyolis. I can assure you that is not the case with most other companies!»
Marc le Roy, Head of Nausiriatech,
Kyolis shares its savoir-faire

Kyolis is engaged in a partnership with FORMAPELEC a continuing education provider, for all things fiber-optic. We share both equipment and savoir-faire.
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